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LED Sports LightING by nila

Nila is the industry leader in LED lighting durable enough to meet the needs of the most demanding users. Nila's sports lighting solutions are versatile and user friendly, producing brighter light levels, excellent color-rendering, and cradle-to-cradle sustainability. Our expert designers will work with you to create the best lighting design for your facility that improves brightness levels, reduces glare, and saves you money on your power bill every single day.

Nila Sports offers truly turnkey lighting systems with nothing more to buy, ever. Our systems have no hidden costs and no disabled features. We'll even manage your install and train your personnel for a truly trouble-free upgrade.

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From the smallest racquetball court to the largest football stadium, Nila Sports is here to meet your lighting needs. We have the expertise that you need to make sure you're getting the most out of your lighting budget. Nila Sports' clients include AEG, the NBA, and ESPN. When the game's on the line, these power players turn to Nila Sports.

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For over a decade, Nila has solved the lighting problems faced by professionals in a world where a business' carbon footprint has become a very real measuring stick for success. Our focus is on durable, environmentally sustainable, energy-saving light fixtures that produce beautiful light without compromise.


Every Nila Sports light fixture is assembled in the USA to provide you with maximum usability, durability, and flexibility while saving you money every day. Our fixtures are the brightest the industry has to offer and every fixture can be individually addressed and controlled to provide you with limitless lighting options. Nila Sports' products are RoHS compliant (no toxic heavy metals) and exceed Energy-Star standards.


The Nila Advantage

The Nila Advantage


Nila's team is here to help. We don't just sell lights - we help you to realize the optimal lighting design for your facility. With a Nila Sports installation, you'll see significant increases in light levels, color quality, and uniformity, all while you amass huge savings on your power bills. Most Nila Sports installations pay for themselves within two years.

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Nila Sports' fixtures produce beautiful, color-correct, full-spectrum light. Our narrow-beam optics are color-neutral and produce no glare.

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Fully Dimmable

Nila Sports' fixtures are dimmable from 0-100% so you can save money when you don't need full brightness. Since our fixtures have no warm up time, our lights can be accurately cued.

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DMX Controllable

Nila Sports will set up a complete control network with as many control stations as you'd like. Your lights just became a bigger part of game day!

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Nila Sports' fixtures produce light that's flicker-free. That means that instant replays will be rock solid. No more pulsing lights during TV coverage of games!

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Money Saving

Nila Sports' fixtures will save you money every time you turn them on. Most of our customers immediately see 40-70% reductions of their energy bills.

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Weather proof

The elements are no match for a Nila Sports install. Every fixture and connection is built to resist damaging dust, rain, and even snow.

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Nila Sports' fixtures are built to the highest specifications of military grade aluminum. They're the most robust light fixtures on the market today.

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Every Nila Sports install carries our limited five-year warranty. We stand behind every light we build with the best warranty in the business. You can also purchase an extended warranty of up to ten years.