Nila Sports now offers you the benefits of upgrading your lighting system without the hassles of a major capital expenditure. Instead of thinking of your facility's lighting as a long-term investment, think of it as a service. With lighting as a service, we'll install and maintain the lighting system you need today and you'll simply make one low monthly payment.

How does it work? 

  • You collaborate with the Nila Sports designers to create a custom LED lighting system for your facility. Nila Sports handles all the heavy lifting and you get a state of the art lighting system that provides you with significant energy savings, precise control, color accuracy, flicker-free instant replays, and Nila's renowned durability.
  • You make one predictable monthly payment which may even qualify as an operating expense. You pay $0 in upfront costs and $0 in maintenance costs for the duration of your contract (usually five years).
  • Nila Sports handles all the regular maintenance and on-call servicing of your lighting system. If you're like most customers who are transitioning from power-hungry incandescent lights, your power and maintenance savings should more than cover your monthly payment.
  • At the conclusion of your service contract, you will have the option to extend your contract, upgrade to a newer Nila Sports lighting system, purchase the installed equipment, or discontinue the agreement. The choice is yours.

Use the form below to apply and learn just how beneficial lighting as a service can be for your organization.